Nature Inspired Jewelry Gifts

Born and raised in the California foothills, among the oaks, coyotes, owls and free, wild things - my collection is inspired by nature and the beauty of our collective dreams.

This is a story about pearls gathered from the ocean, raw crystal earrings, hand hammered sterling silver, polished natural stone, fossil pendants and cameos carved in shells from the sea. Taking a slice of agate or a meteorite that fell from the night sky and turning it into something wearable reminds me that beauty is all around us, inside us, just waiting to be found.

Our ranch is home to a mischief making horse, a small herd of free ranging cattle, a flock of egg laying hens and all manner of wild visitors from yipping coyotes and sly foxes to shy bobcats and soaring golden eagles. Living here, somewhere between the wilderness and civilization, gives me hope that there will always be open spaces and small pockets of wild beauty in the world. May it always be so.